Delaware Native Plant Society

Delaware Native
Plant Society

P.O. Box 369
Dover, DE 19903

Flash photos courtesy of
David G. Smith at

Current Officers

Position Name Time in Office
President Eric Wahl 7 June 2014 to present
Vice-President Rick Mickowski 7 June 2014 to present
Treasurer Eric Zuelke 12 May 2000 to present
Secretary Alison Long 7 June 2014 to present
Newletter Editor Ed Crawford 23 September to present
Nursery Managers Friends of the St. Jones Reserve 30 March 2011 to present
Membership Coordinator Eric Zuelke ca. October 2002 to present
Events Coordinator Vacant/QS part-time 21 March 2007 to present
Archive Committee John Harrod ca. June 2006 to present
Webmaster Eric Zuelke 27 March 2008 to present


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