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Big Oak County Park

In the summer of 2006, the DNPS became a participant in the State of Delaware Adopt-A-Wetland Program. During June 2006, we completed our application, got accepted as official participants, and chose our site. The site we chose came easily to us as right around the same time the newly created Big Oak County Park was being completed. This park, located off Big Oak Rd., near Smyrna had several human created and naturally occurring wetlands that were a perfect fit for what we wanted to accomplish as new wetland stewards in the adopting program. Beginning in March 2007 and ending in December 2007, several members of the DNPS completed a biological survey of the park. If you're interested, here are the results of our surveys. This park is a great resource for anyone interested in local delaware ecotourism destinations. The DNPS plans on doing more work in this park, including additional biological surveys, and volunteer work days to control the non-native and invasive species present there.

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